In our complex of 12.000 m² at the Perenmarkt we have 12 cold stores, 1 store room for warm storage and 1 small test facility. 4 cold stores are equipped with a mobile storage system which gives us a quick and efficient possibility to prepare export orders.

For export washing of flower bulbs we have developed 2 full automatic washing machines. For countries like Japan, China, USA, Brazil, Australia and other countries with very strict Phytosanitairy rules and regulations we can wash bulbs very carefully without any damage or loss of scales. Tulips can be washed and dried without any skin losses.

Next to the building is a huge water storage for the export washing machines and a large square for storage of empty boxes.

3 dock shelters give transporters the opportunity to load and unload all product very easily by using a pallet truck provided by us.

In our 7.000 m² louse-free greenhouse we do sample planting of bulbs in store for different clients and also tissue culture growing of Lilies, Zantedeschia and Ornithogalum.