Monitoring and control


24/7 there is computer-controlled guarding of all cold stores on several temperature settings, oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) levels and room and product temperatures. Minimum 1 x per week there is visual and manual control of O2 and CO2 values and cold store and product temperatures. 7 days per week there is visual control of all cold stores and installations.

Each lot or delivery is controlled and inspected at entrance. During the whole year we periodically inspect all lots in store. It happens that lots, which we have I store for more than a year, are inspected 6 times during the time of storage. If anything is found, a report is made up and the client is informed immediately.

Each year we do different tests using all available and new disinfectants to see if we can or should use new disinfectants or use new or different mixtures.