Before Laan Flora facilities was founded, the company was known as Laan Lelie b.v. This company grew, traded and exported lily bulbs.


From 1960 till 1990 Laan Lelie also had a hybridizing division specialized in varieties for South European countries.

Because we have stopped our export activities in the early 90’s, the hybridizing is more focused on garden and dry sales varieties


Some very interesting successes are pollen free lilies and double flowered lilies like: “Cocktail Twins”®, “Orange Twins”® en “Fata Morgana”®.

Some varieties have already found their way into the consumers garden: “Yellow Pixels”®, “White Pixels”®, “Orange Pixels”®, en “Pink Pixels”®


At this moment we try to develop garden/dry sales lilies with nice color combinations and hanging varieties. For Dutch flower producers we look for strong and fast growing Asiatics and LA Hybrids of which also bulb growing capacities are superb.


Some of our varieties you can find in our photogalery. Commercial grown varieties you can find at the website of Huetink Bloembollen Lemelerveld BV. www.huetinklelies.nl