Laan Flora Facilities b.v. was originally founded in 1961. In those days starting with growing of lily bulbs and flowers. Also hybridizing was started in the late 60’s.

Laan Flora Facilities b.v. is specialized in the cooling and preparation of Lily Bulbs. Exporters, flower growers and bulb growers find their way to our facilities for the export washing, disinfecting, packing and storage of their bulbs.

We also take care of the preparation of tulips and other bulb varieties.

ULO storage for lilies, tulips and other bulb varieties is taken care of by our sister company Koelhuis WFO.

Our logistic system guarantees the most efficient method of cooling, preparation and storage. We use the latest techniques. Some pictures illustrate the way we work. Take a view in the photo album or our brochure.